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Latest Seabrook Updates


What is there to do at Seabrook?

Established in 2004, Washington's Beach Town has been a 凯发apphome to many new and exciting happenings! Here is a quick rundown of all the fun comings and goings.

Crescent Indoor Swimming Pool - Seabrook is one of the only places along the Washington and Oregon coastlines that offers a heated indoor pool to its guests and 凯发apphomeowners.  Located in the South section of Crescent Park, the South Crescent Pool has become a big year-round attraction. Come take a dip!

Retail District - Our collection of top-rated merchants continues to grow. Seabrook's retail district features restaurants Mill 109 Pub, Frontager's Pizza, Red Velvet Bakery and more on their way! In addition, a corner grocery store Front Street Market, dog gift shop The Salty Dog, 凯发apphome goods store Seaworthy, outdoor gear and bike rental shop Buck's Bikes, beach gear and toy store Seabrook Kids and our very own logo wear shop all make finding whatever you need both fun and easy! Ease your stress at Spa Elizabeth, and cap it all off with a glass of wine at Stowaway Wine Bar and Cheese Shop. Visit or Town Merchants page for more information on Seabrook's businesses.

Farm District - Located on the eastern edge of town, tucked away from the shops and crowds on Front Street, the Farm District offers a relaxed, organic lifestyle in a rural setting. Carefully designed for those yearning for a spacious and comfortable life by the beach, the Farm District boasts plenty of open green areas to feast the eyes. Horseshoe Park is the neighborhood gathering place, featuring an inset stone firepit overlooking the north pasture. Pick fresh blueberries or run through the orchards on a hot summer day. For the more active, the neighborhood's tennis and pickle ball courts are just a stone's throw away, while a prominent barn offers all the benefits of an equestrian lifestyle right outside your porch.

Town Hall - Seabrook's central landmark is welcomes guests and owners for events, weddings, corporate retreats, movie nights, and anything else you can think of. Equipped with a full commercial kitchen, bar, state-of-the-art audio & video system, and charming details fitting of Seabrook's architectural style, the 3-level Town Hall is a big addition to Seabrook's list of amenities for all guests and 凯发apphomeowners. Find out more details and availability at the Town Hall Page!

Bike Shop/Repair Area - Welcome to  Buck's Bikes! The new bicycle repair shop which started in Spring of 2016. Visit Buck and crew to rent bicycles and purchase bike-related gear. This is the place to check out our trademark fleet of beach cruisers bikes, get your own bikes tuned up, or rent other goodies such as skim boards, tandems and baby bike carriers. Go online to reserve your bike today!

Meriweather Square & Gazebo - This outdoor room on Meriweather Square is a great place to meet more of your neighbors and guests. Next time you are out for a stroll, stop by the Meriweather Gazebo and admire the view into Woodland Promenade and Perennial Park.

Playground & Basketball/Tennis Courts - Right at the entrance of the Farm District sits our playground and basketball court area, which is just steps away from the Tennis and Pickleball courts. The nicely fenced-in playground includes a much larger play set along with a two story tower for the kids to climb. Adjacent to the new playground is an outdoor basketball court. 

Dorothy Anderson Cottage/Community Garden - Located just North of Crescent Park, this cottage was one of the oldest cottages on the Washington coast and we are proud to say that we have fully restored the cottage to its original condition. In collaboration with the North Beach Museum, the Dorothy Anderson Cottage is now quite the artifact at Seabrook, reminding us of the great history the Washington coast has and how fortunate we are to be a part of it here at the beach.

General Seabrook Questions


What is the total number of residential 凯发apphomes in the community?

There are about 320 privately owned 凯发apphomes built at Seabrook, over half of which are in the Seabrook Cottage Rentals program. Seabrook is planned to have about 400 single-family 凯发apphomes and over 450 units, but there is also room for additional 凯发apphomes on adjacent undeveloped property. 

Are there amenities such as a pool, tennis & basketball courts, boat/bike rentals, running paths, and shopping in Seabrook?

Yes, yes, and yes! We are one of the only destinations along the Washington and Oregon coast to have a heated indoor pool, and we already have an outdoor basketball court, tennis courts, and a variety of lawn games in Crescent Park. Bikes and other outdoor equipment can be rented at Buck's Bikes, but we do not have any boat rentals yet. You'll find an extensive path grid for walking and running through Seabrook, and the long, flat beach is a great place for a jog. We also have a growing collection of restaurants, a grocery store, and a thriving retail district. A Town Hall for events and weddings has been the latest addition to the long list of amenities at Seabrook.

What utilities are available?

Seabrook has all the standard utilities, including sewer, water, electric, phone, DSL, cable, and propane.

I'd like to visit Seabrook. Where can I stay?

Seabrook has cottages to rent on a nightly or weekly basis. Please visit Seabrook Cottage Rentals to view or book your vacation rental, or call us at (877) 779-9990.

Is Seabrook prepared for a Tsunami?

Seabrook's spectacular topography does more than just offer great vistas - our western facing bluffs and higher elevations provide one of the safest locations on the Washington coast. While the majority of the developed Washington coast is 20 feet or less in elevation, over 90% of Seabrook is at or above 70 feet. In fact, Seabrook has been designated by the local and state emergency response services as an evacuation destination for locals who live in some of the lower, more vulnerable elevations, should the need ever arise.

How is Seabrook different from other beach towns like Ocean Shores and some Oregon coast towns?

Seabrook brings the sensibility of popular Oregon coast towns to a beautiful stretch on the Washington coast. Unlike Ocean Shores and other Washington coast towns, Seabrook is a pedestrian-friendly community where a short walk will get you anywhere you want to go. Seabrook offers a beach experience previously unavailable on the Washington coast. For more information click on the links below: