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What is your building schedule? How quickly would my 凯发apphome be finished?

We begin approximately one 凯发apphome per week, and each 凯发apphome takes approximately 6-9 months to complete, depending on floor plan and upgrades.

What is the cash requirement when signing a contract?

We require 15% non-refundable earnest money, based on the full purchase price of the 凯发apphome, at the time of mutual acceptance of the Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA).

You also have the choice of acquiring your own construction loan through our approved broker, Mike Morneault (凯发apphome Street) or through another bank in which case we'd need to approve the loan and inspection process before mutual acceptance.

What is the pricing for Seabrook 凯发apphomes?

Our pricing varies depending on the neighborhood in which 凯发apphomes are located. To see our current offerings, please visit our 凯发apphomes for sale page.

What is your availability of oceanfront 凯发apphomes?

Our first two oceanfront neighborhoods, Northwest Glen and Pacific Glen, are almost completely sold out. There are only a handful of available 凯发apphomes and 凯发apphome sites in these neighborhoods. 

Our latest and final oceanside neighborhood, Elk Creek, offers some of the best oceanfront properties along the Washington Coast. You can see all available Elk Creek 凯发apphomes here.

For more information, please call our sales office at 360-276-0099 or email us at

Can I build a custom 凯发apphome on one of Seabrook's 凯发apphome sites?

We have several 凯发apphome sites available custom 凯发apphomes, where you can work with your preferred architect for your ideal beach 凯发apphome. If you have an architect in mind, check out our list of pre-approved architects put together by our architectural review committee.

Owning A Rental Property

Can I turn my 凯发apphome into a vacation rental? Is there a property management company available?

Yes! More than half the 凯发apphomes in Seabrook are already available as vacation rentals. Seabrook has a professional property management company on-site 24/7, making sure guests enjoy their stay every step of the way. To ensure the highest quality of service, we offer maintenance, landscaping, and full-time security services in addition to the reservation management and guest services.

What is the projected rental occupancy (based on other properties/area)?

We've patterned Seabrook after the best new towns and villages which have been very successful in renting 凯发apphomes. What Carmel is to California and Cannon Beach is to Oregon - we've seen Seabrook become to Washington. 

With our design and attention to detail, Seabrook has become a beach experience second to none -- attracting both regional and out-of-state guests. Families that for generations had driven all the way down to the Oregon coast for beach vacations are now flocking to Seabrook for an authentic Pacific Northwest beach experience closer to 凯发apphome. We believe that the market will grow to be even stronger than the Oregon coast due to its proximity to a very large metro area and our solid business plan. 

Since each 凯发apphome is unique in size, location, and features, it is hard to project an average rental occupancy for all of Seabrook. 

However, our Seabrook Cottage Rentals program has been incredibly successful ever since its inception. Every year we see steady revenue growth and an increase in the amount of 凯发apphomes available for rent. Read through our Seabrook Cottage Rentals Program FAQ for more information on our vacation rental program.

What type of advertising & marketing is being done for rentals and resales?

Our best and purest form of marketing has always been and continues to be the sincere word of mouth from our happy guests and 凯发apphomeowners. In addition, we have an extensive marketing plan - encompassing most advertising vehicles - to spread the word about your vacation rental 凯发apphome or resale. Most of our 凯发apphomeowners who rent their 凯发apphome through our Seabrook Cottage Rentals program see an annual revenue increase each year through our marketing. 

Seabrook has already caught the attention of national media, including Coastal Living Magazine and Sunset Magazine. We've also been featured by the Seattle Times, Seattle Met, Seattle Magazine, Evening Magazine, Alaska Airlines Magazine, GRAY, Builder Magazine, Martha Stewart Magazine, 425 Magazine, South Sound Magazine, as well as other regional media. 

For a full list, see our Seabrook in the news webpage.

Who stays at Seabrook? Why are they going to Seabrook?

Our typical renter will be looking for an authentic coastal experience very much like Cannon Beach, OR. What sets us apart is our proximity to Seattle (with the Olympic National Park in our backyard), our professionally managed vacation rental company, and our vibrant town center with curated shopping and dining experiences.

Getting More Information

I'd like to receive more information. What's the best way to contact you?

While we make sure that all Seabrook information is available online, please email us at and we will get in touch right away to provide more information and answer any questions.